Two more instruments finished today

I finished a baritone ukulele and my Shrine ukulele prototype today. The baritone is slated to go to a musician in Chicago after the Reno Ukulele Festival. He was kind enough to let me take it with me to show. The Shrine ukulele turned out to exceed my expectations in sound and playability. It has lots of volume and sustain yet maintaining a nice mellow sound. I have really been busy but took an hour off today to entertain 8 high school woodworking students who wanted to see how I build guitars and ukuleles. Fun!

Curly Sycamore Baritone and Curly Cherry Shrine Ukulele

About jcclarkukuleles

I'm a retired Navy Fighter pilot who began building classical guitars and ukuleles in Tucson in 2004. I moved back to my boyhood town here in Nebraska in the summer of 2006 and continued building classical and parlor guitars as well as all four sizes of ukuleles. I am a member of The Guild of American Luthiers and The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans. I also write a regular column for GuitrarMaker magazine.
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4 Responses to Two more instruments finished today

  1. Cindy says:

    Very Nice! Amazing work Daddy!

  2. Roy Wright says:

    Thank you Mr. Clark for hosting the Woods class yesterday! The kids and I really enjoyed seeing your shop.

  3. It was a pleasure to have the students in my shop. I hope at least one of them is inspired to learn the art of luthiery.

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